“If this film achieves anything, I hope that it provides the unequivocal evidence on why Sydney needs to be a vibrant 24 hour city with a thriving supported nightlife, why Lockouts are no longer needed, and why Night Culture and the Night Economy need to be protected and supported just like our Tourism industry by both its people and Government.” Paul G Roberts


AFTER THE LOCKOUTS is a special feature film by Paul G Roberts and Fashion Industry Broadcast / Style Planet TV. It explores the many devastating effects that the LOCKOUT LAWS have had on the night culture and overall vibrancy of Sydney.

Shot across Sydney, Melbourne, and various cities in Europe it provides a thought provoking expose on the role of Government lawmaking and its impact on culture and civil liberties.

The film goes looking for the truth and leaves no stone unturned in its quest to cut through the emotion, misinformation and vested interests. This search uncovers that there is a battle going for the very soul of Sydney, a city who’s Nightlife at the time of the 2000 Olympics was the envy of every world-class modern metropolis.


19 October, 2017 0
Interview with Director Paul G Roberts
AFTER THE LOCKOUTS is a highly-anticipated and topical film given the current climate surrounding Sydney’s...
29 March, 2016 0
VIP Premier After The Lockouts
AFTER THE LOCKOUTS film Premiere was held at a Private screening to select VIP guests...

“I’ve been involved in the Sydney nightlife industry for the last 20 years. I have staged massive dance parties, run successful clubs, bars and restaurants. I am also a father with an 18 year old son and 15 year old daughter. The iconic Oxford Street Nightlife Precinct where I spent many years and had many of my clubs is now a ghost of its former glory. I’m also baffled by these Lockout Laws.”

DAVE EVANS – Co-owner of Hugo Group

“They (NSW Government) made a bad decision, an uneducated decision, a knee jerk reaction. They can’t say ‘oh gee we made a mistake’. Politicians don’t like to  say they made a mistake. The Liberal party  doesn’t want to say it made a mistake, the Liberal party  doesn’t want a class action. The Liberal party doesn’t want to make things better because they can’t. Because it will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate.”

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