Andrew Ostrom
Andrew Ostrom


Freelance Creative Director

“Being a young person coming into this city what you look for is the nighttime, because your’e arriving into a new city you’re looking to make new friendships, yeah you can meet people through a work context and that’s fine but where does the relationship really begin, it doesn’t begin in the meeting room. It happens after work.” 


Andrew Ostrom is a well known Australian Creative Director, Freelance art director and writer. As a freelance creative art director he has worked for Ogilvy Australia and non-profit agency AD partner for several years.

He has spent 19 years working in advertising as a freelance art director, he has been apart of many projects with companies such as Naked Communications, M&C Saatchi, Innocean, The General Store, Havas and Arnold Furnace, UDKU and BWM.

Throughout his career some of his achievements include; winning the Grand Award at the New York Festivals for “We age Blood”. In 2005 won Cannes Lions international festival of creativity and Kindle Shark Advertising Festival.

Andrew had his first true entrepreneurial endeavour by creating his own e-commerce brand called ‘Push Play Presente’. He was responsible for the development of everything from branding, coordinating with the fashion designer to develop the collection. Then developing the marketing strategies and creating advertisements including websites. Developing all content for customer touch points which then develops into the final packaged design.