Dave Evans
Dave Evans


Hospitality icon and co-owner of Hugo’s Group

“They (NSW Government) made a bad decision, an uneducated decision, a knee jerk reaction. They can’t say ‘oh gee we made a mistake’. Politicians don’t like to  say they made a mistake. The Liberal party  doesn’t want to say it made a mistake, the Liberal party  doesn’t want a class action. The Liberal party doesn’t want to make things better because they can’t. Because it will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate.“


Dave Evans is an Australian hospitality icon and he is the co-owner of Hugo’s Group. Hugo’s Kings Cross and Hugo’s Manly two of Australia’s most recognised and awarded venues.

For 15 years Hugo’s Kings Cross was truly the place to be seen, and was rightly famous all around the world.

Hugo’s group first began in 1986 when Dave Evans, Daniel Vaughan and Dave Corsi created their first restaurant. The team continued to create unique spaces that fused together urban sophistication and comfort. Hugo’s Lounge at Kings Cross was the nightclub to be seen at for 15 years, and was famous all over the world.

With the success of their restaurants the team expanded their business to include Hugo’s Catering and Hugo’s Team Building Events, catering for corporate and high-end private sectors. Hugo’s Group has achieved some of the countries most prestigious accolades including seven Sydney Morning Herald chef’s hats, Best Restaurant in Australia, Best Nightclub in Australia and Best Bar in Australia.

After the Australian government passed the Lockout Laws, Hugo’s was arguably the most prestigious and successful business to feel the impact. Hugo’s iconic Kings Cross establishment, the most prominent venue in Sydney, was forced to close down in August 2015.