Mark Dynamix
Mark Dynamix



Additional role: Owner of Long Distance Recordings label

“(Sydney at the time of the Olympics) It was a fantastic time for me. I was DJing 6 or 7 gigs a week. It was a lot of fun, I made a lot of friends and good contacts as well.“


Mark Dynamix is one of Australia’s most recognised DJ’s and producers within the dance music industry. He has toured all over the world playing gigs in Europe, North America and Asia. Some of the prestigious gigs he has performed include Hultsfred Festival (Stockholm), The End (London) and Mambo (Ibiza). Dynamix has also played at some of Australia’s best venues including Chinese Laundry.


Seven years ago he built his own recording label called Long Distance Recordings to help underground artists achieve local and international recognition. Some of the artists that the company signed include Namito, Danny Bonnici and Mortlock.


Mark’s DJ successes have been plenty including his mix for the Ministry of Sound’s ‘The Annual’, which became the highest selling compilation in Australia he was also one of the first Australian DJ’s to perform at the MTV Australian Video Music Awards.


Mark Dynamix is a known figure within the Australian music industry and is considered a legend in the dance music industry.