Mirik Milan
Mirik Milan


Night Mayor Amsterdam

“You need influence behaviour from the grass roots up, it doesn’t happen top down. In the Amsterdam nightlife district we had a 25% decline in violence after a year and a half, and an almost 30% decline in reports of nuisance.What in my opinion is the value of a vibrant nightlife in Sydney is that the City if Sydney is attractive for young creatives to live and work there. That they will attract creative industry, that the cultural offer in the city will rise, that they can compete with other global cities.”



Mirik Milan is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam, and long time creative director of some of the Dutch capital’s most celebrated events. He has played an instrumental role in re-shaping Amsterdam’s nightlife scene, making it the most vibrant in the world. His innovative position is fast becoming replicated around the globe including flagship cities like New York, Paris and London.


Mirik’s start in nightlife came in 2003 as the promoter of electro night Rauw. Along with DJ Joost van Bellen, Mirik introduced artists like Boys Noize, Erol Alkan and Gesaffelstein to the Dutch dance scene, which lead to him producing events for Spotify, Diesel, Pax, Amnesty International and the City of Amsterdam.


His vast experience with the Amsterdam scene made him the perfect candidate to become Amsterdam’s Night Mayor. His team’s major achievements to date include introducing 24-hour permits with the hotel and catering industry, reducing crime in the city with innovative ideas and launching a multi-venue club festival where party goers can hop between 20 different nightclubs with one ticket.


In 2017 Mirik gave over 25 international talks to city governments and planners advising them on how to enhance their late night economy. Mirik also became the key advisor for a global civic initiative called The Creative Footprint. Creative Footprint sees Mirik work closer with major global cities looking to stimulate their creative and nightlife economies.