Paul G Roberts
Paul G Roberts


Founder of the Desire Groupe, Fashion Industry Broadcast and Style Planet TV.

“From my personal experience, the night should be a safe place where creative people can meet other creative people, share ideas, network. Free from violence or intrusion of the State.

 There people can express themselves in music, fashion, dance, and self develop. They can make friends, discover their sexual orientation, meet a future partner, maybe even fall in love.

 In the great school of life there is no greater teacher than socialising.

 The older one gets it’s easy to forget how important going out was when you were young.

  A city without a thriving vibrant Night culture is a city who’s future is in peril.”



Paul G Roberts is the writer, director and lead provocateur in ‘After The Lockouts’. He is also an entrepreneur with an extensive track record creating world class brands and businesses, as well as a pioneering entrepreneur in content creation, content marketing and eCommerce fields.

After graduating university and starting his career in Australia, Roberts was posted to New York City as a brand management trainee where he trained and worked with elite marketing conglomerates, and was placed in Madison Ave advertising agencies, PR agencies and more. Since that time Roberts has worked with a who’s who of the planet’s most iconic brands.

He is also now a filmmaker and internationally published author.

Paul G Roberts also founded and still owns and runs the Desire Group, Fashion Industry Broadcast and Style Planet TV. Along with his advertising agency, publishing company and film production business, Roberts has never hesitated delving into passion projects such as creating the Melbourne nightclub Checkpoint Charlie. A keen world traveller Paul G Roberts has trotted across the globe, burning through 7 fully stamped passports. A self-declared Futurist, Roberts is always looking at what’s next over the horizon.