Steve Kilbey
Steve Kilbey


Lead singer-songwriter and guitarist for “The Church”

Additional role: Music Producer, poet, painter and owner of the record label Karmic Hit studio)

“I think the Lockouts have the potential to absolutely destroy the Music industry. How can they do anything else ? I think its crazy for the powers that be to be able to determine when you can listen to live music and when you’re supposed to be home in bed. Nanny state, right !”


Steve Kilbey is an Australian music icon. He is the lead singer-songwriter and guitarist for “The Church”, an Australian rock band.  He is also a tv personality, music producer, poet and painter.

The Church first started in the late 1970’s. After success in Australia during the 1980’s the band won international recognition with their hit song ‘Under The Milky Way’ from the 1988 album Starfish. The band became a huge success worldwide and took out best single of the year in 1989. In 2012 Kilbey announced his resignation from the band due to issues with insufficient royalty cheques.


Kilbey then built his own record label called Karmic Hit Studio. He was involved with a variety of projects including Margot Smiths Sleeping With Lions and The Fakes self titled album. He has also had an impressive solo career releasing 14 albums working with artists including Stephen Cummings and Martin Kennedy. In 2011 he was inducted into the Australian Songwriter Hall of Fame.


Steve Kilbey is multi-talented, trying his hand in everything creative including publishing a book of poetry in 1998. Steve Kilbey also published his autobiography ‘Something Quite Peculiar’ in late 2014.