Tara Resch
Tara Resch



“Teams of police raid your clubs, demolish your houses, destroy your avenues, build hotels on your parks and zoos, flog your institutions, lock your bars, empty your streets of life, fill your burbs with motorways. And you’re fine with that right?”  


Tara Resch is an actress of stage and screen, poet, expressive art therapist, and visual artist who trained in New York (Atlantic Theatre Company). Treading the boards winning a highly contested scholarship at ATYP, she went on to star in The Magic of Prague where she showcased eight disparate roles which were captured in a television documentary.  Her career both in screen and theatre blossomed from there, with a stand out performance as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival, paying homage to the great city and its influential poet, Kenneth Slessor. From performing solo for Christopher Reeves at NIDA to landing a grant for a poetry festival at the Opera House, Tara equally loves writing her own pieces and being inspired by the work of some of our greats. As an artist Tara trained at Julian Ashton Fine Art School. She mixes her eclectic art-forms into a vibrant fusion, tapping into all her senses to reveal a deep inner-monologue for a variety of audiences. She brings a unique combination of her theatre and language training to spoken-word.