Tux Akindoyeni
Tux Akindoyeni


Director of the Crossguard Group

You’ve got to remember that we were a culture at one point that didn’t go out till after midnight. And would go through to the next morning till 10.30am if not from Friday to Sunday. It didn’t seem to be a landscape of violence. It seemed that more people got on, socialised with each other a hell of a lot better. And went home when they were ready.”


Tux Akindoyeni is the managing director of the Crossguard Group which is a high end professional security company that caters for a range of clients in the entertainment, hospitality, retail, construction and residential industries, he is their nightlife security expert. He has a 20+ year personal history in the Sydney Nightlife sector.

With more then 20 years experience of being a Nightlife security guard for iconic nightlife venues such as Kinsela’s Hotel, Beresford Hotel and Oxford Art Factory.

Tux pursued a diploma degree for security operations and risk assessments. This gave him the momentum to progress his career, which lead him into the position of director for the Supreme Security Specialists.  He still today continues to develop his skills in security assessing, planning, business development and risk assessments.