Tyson Koh
Tyson Koh


Campaign manager of Keep Sydney Open

Additional role: ABC’s long-running music program Rage

“Now the message has been put out there, that if you’re a social person that enjoys vibrancy that enjoys going out, making new friends, working hard, playing hard, that Sydney’s not the place for you. It’s really really sad. What makes a city is all these things, it is nightlife, it’s having a vibrant music scene.

The State Government has a responsibility to let the people know that, both tourists and residents that Sydney is open for business. There is still the message that you’re not welcome on the streets of Sydney at night time.”


Tyson Koh is currently the producer of the ABC’s long running music program Rage and the campaign manager of anti-lockout advocacy group- Keep Sydney Open.


Tyson began is career in the music industry as a DJ performing at events such as Big Day Out, Harvest, Parklife and the Biennale of Sydney. He progressed his career into music programming, working with major events such as Sydney Festival and the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.


Tyson has been at the forefront of the debate on Sydney’s nightlife since 2015 to advocate for cultural vibrancy. Not only does he attend rallies but is also a key contributor to the state government on the future of Sydney’s night time economy.


Tyson has worked as the producer of Rage for over 7 years. During his time he has promoted local talent and carried out programming for the legendary ‘Guest Program’ segment. Tyson also presents the weekly show ‘Loose Joints’ on Sydney’s FBI radio.