Hannah Klassek

Alejandro Prieto is a photographer and filmmaker. Encouraged by his passion for visual media has always been searching for new ideas, concepts and projects. Passionate about photography started taking short courses at the French Academy of the Image (Bogota, Colombia 2004).

After realizing that he wanted to be involved in visual media and make it his career enrols in RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) getting credited a Diploma of Arts in Applied Photography (2006). Aware of the strong link between photography and cinematography decides to study an Advanced Diploma of Screen at RMIT University (2009). Alejandro has been Involved in several significant projects working as a photographer and cinematographer. Including short films and music videos. Alejandro also takes full advantage of having a strong foundation in photography reflecting it on his work by delivering sharp high quality imagery. Recently concluded a Bachelor Degree in Film Production at SAE College, focused in cinematography and looking to expand knowledge and experience.