Michael Nguyen

Production Assistant

I’m a newly graduated media production student from the University of New South Wales. I currently work as an assistant video editor and production assistant at Nickelodeon Australia.

I started my studies at the University of Canberra in 2013 where I began a dual degree in a Bachelor of Media Arts Production and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. I then transferred in 2015 to the University of New South Wales where I completed a Bachelor of Media in Screen and Sound Production.

From February to June 2017, I interned at the Fashion Industry Broadcast as a video editor, helping to produce a variety of web-documentaries for the publication. I assisted on a few shoots, including some for the upcoming “After The Lockouts” production. Shortly afterwards, I became a production intern at Nickelodeon Australia, which lead to my current position today.

I enjoy working in a variety of crew roles, but take particular pleasure in writing, editing and directing. I aim to eventually become a television writer or producer and hope my work, connections and experience will help me to reach that goal one day.

Blog: http://michael-nguyen-media-portfolio.blogspot.com.au/