Interview with Director Paul G Roberts
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AFTER THE LOCKOUTS is a highly-anticipated and topical film given the current climate surrounding Sydney’s decimated Nightlife. Fuelled by his outrage over the lockout laws implemented in 2014, Roberts has wielded his passion and tenacity to devise and curate a film that rails against the very core of Sydney’s economic and cultural downfall.

Paul G Roberts, founder of Fashion Industry Broadcast and Style Planet TV, is launching his latest film at a VIP Private Screening on November 28th.  Please email contact@afterthelockouts.comfor more information, or head to After the Lockouts Facebook Page for updates on future screenings.

Produced and Directed by Niyati Libotte and Flur Witte
Filmed by Flur Witte and Thomas Parkinson
Sound and Lighting by Hannah Klassek
Film edited by Flur Witte
Voice over introduction by Charley Hale


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